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2024 Special Voting Deputy Sign Up

  1. Special Voting Deputy Sign Up Form

    Visiting in January and February for the February 2024 Election.

    Special Voting Deputies (SVDs) – individuals appointed by a municipal clerk or board of elections to conduct absentee voting at certain care facilities. SVDs are the exclusive method by which absentee voting may be conducted within a care facility. The municipal clerk may choose to utilize SVDs in retirement homes. A person who is appointed an SVD: 

    1. Must be a qualified elector of the county. 

    2. Must attend training. 

    3. May not currently be employed by the facility. 

    4. May not have been employed by the facility within two years of the appointment. 

    5. May not be an immediate family member of anyone currently employed by the facility or employed by the facility with two years of the appointment. 

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  3. Training

    We have a training video available on our website under Department>Clerk>Poll Worker Information. 

    Otherwise, you can schedule an in-person one-on-one training with the Clerk up until two weeks prior to the election. Call or email for the appointment. 

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