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1. I have some questions about trees in the right-of-way in front of my house or on my property - who can I contact?
2. What picnic areas/shelters are available to rent in the park system and how do I reserve them?
3. Where is Fox Brook Park? What are the hours and cost? Are there picnic areas/shelters at the park and what are the fees?
4. Are dogs allowed in City Parks? Where can I go to exercise my dog?
5. Where can I find out about recreation programs and classes being offered and how to register?
6. Where can I get information about other independent recreation groups/organizations (i.e. Elmbrook United Soccer, Elmbrook Little, Elmbrook Swim Club, etc)?
7. What job opportunities does the Department have and how would I apply?
8. I have some questions about plants (or bugs or soil) on my property. Who can I talk to?
9. Is a special permit needed to take pictures in City of Brookfield parks (such as for a wedding, etc.)?